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Should “Gay Rights” be a thing? Maybe…..

Posted in Fairness, Gay Rights, General by Wayland Abernathy III on September 18, 2015

Ok, let me commence to putting my foot directly into my mouth for just a moment.

This story is ridiculous. It is depressing. It is heartbreaking. It is distressing. It is ludicrous. It is bizarre. It is unreasonable. It is senseless. And, dare I say, it is daft. Most of all, it is sad.

Gay rights is a thing in our country. While I see the beauty of believing such a thing, I cannot fathom why there is such a strong will to discriminate and commit oneself to being a different class of person based on the lifestyle you live or the person you marry or the color of your skin or your belief (or lack thereof) in God or any of the other innumerable reasons existing in our wonderful world today. It is sad that folks cannot get through their day without being offended or uncomfortable or otherwise out-of-sorts with the world around them. This is an everyday occurrence for me. Note that I am speaking of the ‘out-of-sorts with the world’ around me portion of that previous sentence. I do not remember being offended or uncomfortable with any statement or action made by another person. Even if they were speaking directly to me. Perhaps I am alone in such a distinction. Although I doubt it.

It is sad that a guy would lose his job for suggesting a movie to a co-worker. I have no idea if he made the remark off-handedly. I have no idea which movie he suggested. I have no idea if he cornered his co-worker in the unisex bathroom and said she should see the movie to get the evil demons out of her body. Based on recent box-office releases, I can make a wild guess, though. (Edit: After further research, he suggested the movie “Audacity”.) Is this a situation that will be filed under the politically correct banner? Should it be? I just think there are better ways to coexist with our friends and co-workers. Being uncomfortable because someone suggested seeing a movie makes no sense to me. Should I be uncomfortable because people suggested I listen to more rap music in high school? Should I be offended if that happens now? Should I be offended if someone suggests I read the Koran? Or the Talmud? Or a book on the beauty of same-sex marriage? Should I be uncomfortable if a co-worker suggests I see a lesbian movie? Where does this “Help me, I can’t handle my feelings” type of bs end?

I know I should be angry about this. I am not. My first response was, “What?! Seriously?” Then, I just shook my head in dismay and moved the line out a little further away from my reality and towards something that I fear I will never understand. Our world (not just our country) is changing. It is not for the good, either. If people must continue to separate themselves from others based on their life choices, then we will eventually become a world of villages that cater to distinct lifestyles and people that differ – at all – will be shunned and sent packing to the village they belong to and would feel more comfortable. That makes me sad.

It makes me sad that people are not left to live their lives and be free from the egregious effects of another’s uncomfortable feeling. Is it really necessary to simply keep your head down and limit your talking to work-related topics for fear of being fired if you suggest someone visit the local museum and check out the display of original superhero comic books? Far-fetched example, yes, but no more far-fetched to me than a lesbian feeling uncomfortable about the suggestion of a Christian movie. Again, perhaps I am alone in such a comparison. I doubt that, too.

As I slowly remove my foot, allow me to stress that I do not care how another person chooses to live their life. It is not my business. It is also not going against the grain if I simply desire to live my life free from the worry of offending another person based on a movie suggestion I make. Do I _really_ have to concern myself with such asinine thinking? The end-game, to me, is removing ourselves from the company of others and simply living and working through technology. Work from home. Have meals delivered. Have groceries delivered. And pick whatever movie you want and have that delivered, too.

That sounds crazy fun, doesn’t it? Obviously, it is not. It is crazy sad.

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Big Brother is watching. George Orwell says "Hi."

America is supposedly the “land of the free and home of the brave.” What happens when the land of the free isn’t so free anymore? The government is swiping our freedoms right from under our feet and we are oblivious to it. Everyone deserves the right to privacy. We cannot continue to let our country suffer like this.

The recently introduced Stop All Piracy Acts bill (SOPA) is one of the many ways the government is attempting to constrain our nation. The legislation, set aside by President Barack Obama and the Congress, was a thinly veiled attempt to censor everything we do on the Internet. The Protect IP Act (PIPA), a Senate companion bill, also set aside for now, was the first attempt at censorship. If you’re not concerned yet, how about being constantly watched and recorded? Yes, “Big Brother” is watching. A new street light currently in testing is equipped with surveillance cameras, government broadcasting, and it is interactive. For example, if you litter, the street light will bark at you. There are no private conversations – the government is always watching.

Even with all of these crackdowns, you would expect to have your body to yourself, right? Think again. The government wants to see you naked. If you have been to the airport lately, the “backscatter” scanners have been installed in dozens of  airports around the country. These scanners capture pictures of you as you innocuously walk through. These pictures are so revealing – see naked – many news stations would not air the photos.

Government agents can attach GPS trackers to your car without you even knowing about it. The Government can listen to anything you say, and hold it against you as well. (Remind you of any Socialist or Communist regimes? Just spreading the fun around to everyone, aren’t they?) Anything you say, can and will be held against you. There are many more examples I could give of our freedoms being taken. I just don’t want to get that depressed at the moment. Check out just a little bit for yourself.

Do you feel safe in this country anymore? Do you feel free? I believe that the government should not have this much power and control over us. I also believe the Founders fought to prohibit just this type of government over-reach into the lives of United States citizens. Do you really believe that the government knows best? Is trying to censor us, really letting us be free? Current policies that infringe and outright destroy civil liberties provide all of us with a chilling vision of what a communist country looks like from the inside.