Shades of Gray

A Brave New World

Posted in General, Uncategorized by Wayland Abernathy III on March 7, 2009

46, going on 47, days in office for President Obama and I have been driven to the Blogosphere.

Is there a button on this thing for leaning out a window and screaming, as Whoopi Goldberg suggests? God bless her for straddling the line and letting us know how she really feels. I, personally, enjoy her facial expressions during the clip as the other ladies chat it up all at once.

I continue to learn about how the Federal Government has seemingly gone \”off the reservation\” in authoring the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. Some decent stuff (barely passes the sniff test) interwoven between 1,000+ pages of stinky crap.

My next tax question is how long will it take for Congress to begin debate on the varying proposals to \”tax the Internet.\” Should I close my eBay account now? In general, as long as I stay below (well below, at this point) the magic barrier of $250,000 of stated income for a married couple, I\’ll be fine. Right? I guess if I turn off the electricity now and get used to candlelight I can stretch my $13 per week \”rebate\” a little further.

This is not the change that I wanted for my daughter. She needs to get off her 2-year-old butt and start working if she ever wants to save for a house or a car or a bicycle or a pair of roller blades. At this point, she will have to take out a loan to buy groceries. I hope I can prepare her for the new American dream.