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Checked Bag Fees. Why Does the Govt Care?

Posted in Airlines, D.C., Economy, Fairness, Free Choice, General, Government, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) by Wayland Abernathy III on December 12, 2017
Below is a link to a Facebook thread that I commented on last night and continue to banter back and forth on today. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) does not think airlines publish their checked bag fees prominently enough. Perhaps sending a personal text to every person that purchases a ticket would work, Mr. Nelson? Lots of folks are butthurt by my belief that the Federal govt should remove itself from our personal lives. Many people actually think that the world as they know it would cease to exist should such craziness come to pass. Seriously.
Thankfully, there are other’s who did not find it as alarming when I pointed out that the govt cannot run anything. The govt has not been able to do so in the history of ever. The knowledge that there are indeed other like-minded souls on this beautiful planet content to make their own choices makes me happy. It gives me the courage to face the day knowing I’m not the only one who can figure stuff out all by myself.
Take a few minutes to see what people really think. It won’t hurt. Physically, I mean. You might get a headache. No promises.
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