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Why Can’t People Do Some Research?

Posted in General, Government, HUD, Research, The VA by Wayland Abernathy III on December 11, 2017

Recently a headline caught my attention. “Trump cuts funding for homeless vet program”. This seemed a bit wonky to me, so I clicked a few keys on my wireless keyboard and whattaya know – that headline is wonky. A lot.

While I’m not a lover of research, I do find it necessary in order to learn about a topic before I spout off about it. I am confused, though. It seems other folks in this world don’t share my desire to know something about a topic before they speak about it.

I just don’t get it. Maybe it is a time thing. Do people not have enough time in their day to pick up their phone and do a quick internet search for whatever it is that just triggered them? Or is it that people think their emotional response is more important than actually learning some new information? Learning is not for sissies, I’ll tell you that.

My 2 minutes of blistering research came up with loads of information. Some background: The HUD-VASH (here’s another link – from the VA – HUD-VASH) program offers vouchers to veterans to assist with housing along with other necessities. It is run by HUD, with case management assistance by the Veteran’s Administration. A Vet applies to HUD, they process the forms, and then ask the VA for their opinion. The VA does more paperwork and approves (or disapproves) the application.

The Trump administration simply reallocated the entire budget ($460 Million+) from HUD to the VA. The only stipulation being the money had to be used to alleviate homelessness among Veterans. The media (and aforementioned folks that didn’t bother to do anything beyond clicking the ‘angry’ emoticon) had a hissy fit.

Can anyone explain to me how eliminating red tape and placing the funding in the agency whose name actually has the word ‘Veterans’ in it is a horrible thing?