Shades of Gray

About Me

I am a funny, sports-minded, passionate, and at times, goofy guy. I don’t have patience for head games and lies.

I like:
The water, roller coasters, sarcasm & wit, traveling anywhere, thunderstorms, tattoos, being organized (sort of), shiny things, natural pine furniture, drum & bugle corps, my family, setting the thermostat to 68 degrees when I sleep, long hot showers, golf, animals, all types of music (but I love Metallica cranked up when I’m driving), vanilla & peach candles (no, I do not know why….I just do), peach ice cream, camping out on the living room floor during a hurricane, children and great smiles.

I do not like:
Mosquito’s, bad drivers, tobacco products, nervous people (not standing in front of 1,000 people nervous – fidgety, twitchy nervous is what I mean), bigots, turning signal challenged individuals, dirty bathtubs, telemarketers, drug users, homophobes, controlling women (whether that be you or your mother – my mother realizes that I have grown up and will now make decisions for myself….but I’m still her baby!!!!), bad tippers, ego trips, hearing “whatever you want to do”, over and over – I am not an event planner, and people who beat their animals, children, wives, husbands, themselves, etc.

That pretty much sums me up fairly quickly. If you have any comments or want to talk about anything (except for the controlling women thing) feel free to type away and send it over.



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