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U.S. Constitution – Old and Terse? Really?

Posted in Constitution, SCOTUS by Wayland Abernathy III on February 19, 2012

Paula Priesse posted a thought-provoking bit of news on her Facebook page today.

I thought about laughing, but then I know that won’t do any good. I thought about crying, but there isn’t much I can do about the loss of common sense in our country. I thought about sending off a tersely worded message to Mr. Liptak, but that just did not feel right (no pun intended) to me. Here I sit, clicking away on the keyboard, feeling better about things with every word that shows up on the monitor in front of me.

After checking out what Adam Liptak had to say I realize that some folks will not be happy until they can re-write the ‘square’ Constitution and make it fit into a ’round’ hole. If the Obama administration could re-write the Constitution (or seek an edit through appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court) they would be in heaven. Our Congress seems hellbent on making the Constitution fit their laws, instead of using the Constitution as the backbone of any and all legislation being thrust down upon the good folks of this country.

If there is something in the Constitution that bothers you, work to amend the offensive wording. If that seems too difficult for you, sorry. There is a reason that our founding document has lasted so long. It actually is difficult to change the Constitution on a whim. Thank God for that. This country would have ceased to exist some time ago if amendments could be made to satisfy any and all requests. I view this as a protection of the people from the very elected officials that swore an oath to uphold the ideals within the Constitution.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the Supreme Court seems to agree that the U.S. Constitution is an old fuddy-duddy. “I would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012,” she said. She recommended, instead, the South African Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the European Convention on Human Rights

For those folks that espouse looking to other “newer, sexier and more powerful” Constitutions, I humbly suggest moving to your new country and immersing yourself in their laws. Have fun with it. Live your dream.

Don’t force me to live your dream with you.

Shredding the Constitution - A Liberal Wet Dream

Holy War Over Health Care?

Posted in Catholic Church, General, Healthcare by Wayland Abernathy III on February 18, 2012

Holy War Over Health Care

It appears that Barack Obama has chosen the Catholic Church for his pilot program in infringement on the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion. To hell with Church teachings; to hell with personal principles; to hell with the notion of right and wrong; and most importantly of all, to hell with the document that defends all our rights, the United States Constitution.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney believes that the Administration struck an “appropriate balance” in crafting the policy. Appropriate balance for who exactly? The United States government was built upon a foundation that separated the Church and State. The Church cannot infringe upon the operation of the government. New rules within Obama’s health care reform law pose a massive infringement upon the teachings of an entire religious faith. Religious leaders from across the country are joining forces to fight against a stunningly brazen attack on religious freedom.

This issue is dividing people along well-defined schools of thought, with notable exceptions. Nancy Pelosi, a self-described devout follower of Catholicism, has decided to take a stand with the Obama Administration on this issue. Apparently, to Ms. Pelosi, church doctrine is similar to sagging skin; if it gets in the way, she trims it off and tosses it aside. And to prove how committed she is to the cause, Pelosi is more than willing to take up pew space at her church in San Francisco and defiantly continue to receive communion while courageously supporting a government edict that sanctions murder.

It appears that the war is just beginning.

Genetic Discrimination

Posted in General by Wayland Abernathy III on February 18, 2012


Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s were recently discussed in my Science class. As I am known to do on occasion, I started thinking. My mind moved directly into human genetics and how science has rapidly progressed in this field of study. I know little about the scientific applications of studying genetics. I simply am curious about the ramifications of unintended consequences due to past – and continuing – study of human genes. I know that genetic discrimination has already reared its head. The fruits of human genetics are trickling down to everyday people, and with them come an array of new challenges. Expectant parents can now peek into the life of their unborn child, since it is possible to ascertain a fetus’s genetic makeup. As a consequence, some may choose to abort a fetus that may have a predisposition for disabilities or diseases.

Furthermore, as heredity is better understood, insurance companies also become better informed. There are clear benefits to unlocking secrets with genetics, but if those secrets end up with employers and insurance companies, there could be major problems. Insurance companies have been known to cancel or refuse coverage to those that have been found to have an inheritable disease. The more widespread genetic study becomes, the easier it is for insurance companies to access this information and plan ­accordingly. The bottom line is companies want to make a profit, and insuring sick people is not how they will do it.

Genetic screening is a powerful technique that can aid the fight against disease and accurately predict heredity. However, it must be used with extreme caution. New testing, combined with today’s technologies, makes it easy to discern a person’s ­inheritable structure. With this new and vast power, scientists need to ­recognize the enormous ­responsibility they now have.