Shades of Gray

Should God be the center of the government’s life?

Posted in The 912 Project by Wayland Abernathy III on March 17, 2009

I posted the following comment on the The 9-12 Project Facebook page. The discussion centered around Principle #2, “I believe in God and He is the Center of my life.” I threw out my thinking on the subject as it relates to how I felt religion was treated by the Founding Fathers as they struggled to unite our nation together. Check out the 9 Principle’s and 12 Values for yourself here.


As I read through the 9 Principles, I view #6 as an excellent starting point for my thoughts.

I think the Founding Fathers had a keen understanding of the winding road that our new nation would travel. I think they viewed religion as a personal choice but also as the bedrock of the ideas behind the Constitution. Religion was used as a moral framework, if you will, that guided these gentlemen as they debated how best to secure and protect the future of our young nation.

I believe what the authors of the Constitution had in mind was people were basically good. If citizens were educated and informed regarding their government, then usurpers would never last long.The elected government tasked with protecting the people’s rights as enumerated in the Constitution is to be held accountable for that protection or lack thereof.

I say this simply to make the point that while God may in fact be the center of your life; God was never meant to be the center of the government’s life. An assumption was made that the citizens of the nation would check the power of their elected leaders. Why else would a Republican form of government be chosen?

Aaron, I welcome your honesty and candor. I believe that your honesty flows -because- of your belief in God, not despite it. A weak man cannot speak the truth and a strong man cannot deny it.



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